Fire Extinguishers

We Stock A Wide Range Of Fire Extinguishers…


SCOTT FPS provide an extensive range of fire extinguishers to suit all environments. We believe it is vital that a business has the correct extinguishers located in the right place in an event of an emergency. Our friendly and experienced team can help to ensure your business complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. All our extinguishers are manufactured to UK Standards and come with a 5 year warranty.

  •     Independently tested and certified by Lloyds Register
  •     Kite Marked to BS EN3
  •     Corrosion-resistant finish
  •     Plastic protective base
  •     Ideal for harsh environments
  •     BAFE approved product


Water Extinguisher

Water still remains the most popular medium for for Class A fires. All our Water extinguishers are supplied with a spray nossle which enables the user to keep a safe distance when tackling Class A fires. Suitable for environments where paper, wood, cardboard or any types of fabric cloths that may be a high risk. Available in sizes 3ltr, 6ltr, 9ltr.

AFFF Foam Extinguisher

(Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is an excellent choice for Class A and B fires. When used on flammable liquids the contents cool the liquids and forms a film over the top to seal in any vapours which may cause auto re-ignition. With an extensive range of sizes available, our 1ltr and 2ltr models are supplied with a transport bracket. Suitable for environments where paper, wood, cardboard and flammable liquids are present.

ABC Dry Powder Extinguisher

Dry Powder is an excellent choice for environments where mess is not a concern. With its fast knock down properties, it is the ideal choice for Class A (Solids) B (Liquids) C (Gases) and Electrical. Due to mono-ammonium phosphate being its compound for ABC powder, it is recommended that these extinguishers are not used for environments where valuable electrical equipment may be of importance. Available in a variety of sizes.

Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Wet Chemical has been developed to specifically deal with Class F fires resulting from high temperature cooking oils and fats. With its special lance it gives the user a safe distance to tackle the fire. It contains a special formulated wet chemical, which when applied to the burning liquid cools and emulsifies the oil, extinguishes the flame and seals the surface preventing auto re-ignition. Essential for kitchens with deep fat frying facilities.

Stainless Steel Extinguisher

Stainless Steel extinguishers are ideal for environments where appearance is of paramount importance. Although BS EN3 states extinguishers should be red with colour bands to locate and identify extinguishers quickly, this is not always desirable. Stainless steel extinguishers are a perfect alternative to give that stylish look.

CO2 Extinguisher

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is the perfect choice for use on valuable electrical equipment. As it only contains pressurised gas, its contents make a quick but clean impact on vital electrical equipment. Also very effective on Class B (flammable liquids) fires in a confined space. Available in 2kg & 5kg sizes and come with a 10 year life.

M28 Dry Powder Extinguisher

M28 is designed specifically to fight combustible metal fires (class D) such as sodium, magnesium and aluminium typically in the form of machine dwarf or powder. The extinguishers are equipped with a special very low velocity applicator to ensure the fire fighting powder is applied efficiently and effectively to the burning metal to prevent burning dwarf from spreading. Please note M28 does not cover lithium fire risks.

Wheeled Extinguisher

Wheeled Extinguisher units are ideal for industrial sites where access to a location is limited or locations where employees are at high risk. Easily operated by one person. Available in all types of agents and sizes.

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