Evacuation Equipment

We Stock A Wide Range Of Evacuation Equipment…


Evacuating premises quickly and safely via fire escape routes is not always possible and sometimes there is only one means of escape. Our Evacuation Equipment can give you that alternative option to evacuate whether it be to take a safer route using a fire escape ladder or to assist in helping others escape quickly and efficiently using a Evacuation Chair, this equipment is essential where buildings have one or more floors and only one fire exit.

Escape Ladder (KIDDE)

We supply Fire Escape Ladders to suit 2 and 3 storey buildings. Our ‘easy deployment’ ladder hooks over the wall underneath a window ready for chain ladder deployment. Climbing is easy, as distance pieces on every third rung keep the ladder off the wall, offering you a good foothold.

  •     Tangle-free and sturdy fire escape ladder
  •     Designed for quick & easy deployment
  •     Rigorously tested to withstand up to 453.5kg (1000lbs) in weight
  •     Suitable for all standard windows, including Dormer windows
  •     Comes fully assembled


Evacuation Chair

Our Evacuation Chair has all you need for that priority emergency. It works well in a confined space and folds completely flat for storage. It has plastic coated steel construction and is fire retardant for complete safety.

  •     Suitable for manoeuvring patients in a confined area
  •     Suitable for persons up to 100kg (16 stone)
  •     Anti-tipping adjustment assemblies
  •     Wipe clean upholstery – flame retardant
  •     Weight: 9kg

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